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Ashtons Legal improves team communication between offices

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Ashtons Legal improves team communication between offices

Ashtons Legal use the Jostle intranet to improve communication and culture throughout their organization.

Introducing new technology to your workplace can be tricky at the best of times, but traditional sectors (such as the legal sector) present unique challenges. When Ashtons Legal found the Jostle® intranet, they were struggling to efficiently share knowledge between team members. Since rolling out their new intranet, the solicitors firm has boosted communication, cut down on emails, visibly improved knowledge sharing, and enriched their company culture.
Each of Ashtons’ five UK offices is responsible for their local geography. This meant there were members on the same team (in different locations) who had never met or even communicated.

Ashtons wanted to change this. Fundamentally, they wanted to: 

  • Improve connections across offices
  • Streamline communication
  • Improve file sharing

They went searching for a new communications tool with these main goals in mind, when they found and chose the Jostle intranet. Since rolling it out, they've seen great success. They've achieved all their goals, and improved peer-to-peer recognition, sourced new internal resources and skills, and significantly reduced internal emails.

If you want to find out more about how Ashtons have done this, check out their case study.

The Jostle platform has enabled us to improve our communication at a management and social level, and has helped create a culture of open communication in the firm.”
Edward O'Rourke
CEO, Ashtons Legal

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