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An operational turnaround for Houlihan’s

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An operational turnaround for Houlihan’s

Houlihan's, a large restaurant business, wrangles a complex internal communications environment with their Jostle intranet.

How does a large restaurant business wrangle a complex internal communications environment comprised of corporate managers, franchisees, and hundreds of employees? We’ve written a case study on the Houlihan’s Restaurants journey from pain to gain with the addition of their turnkey Jostle® intranet. According to CEO, Bob Hartnett, “This is the best our company has been running in my entire 13 years here.”

Franchisees, corporate owners, remote offices, and centralized support operations create a complicated setting for communications. The existing tools (a very basic intranet and email) available at Houlihan’s could not help bridge distance and functions, or communicate relevant corporate, operations, and process information (such as menu changes) consistently and in good time. With no good way to share instructional communication, there was certainly no sharing of cultural stories or celebrations of the company’s people.

This poor communications infrastructure compounded by increasing lack of accountability, was felt in store level execution levels faltering along with guest satisfaction scores. Employee turnover was steadily rising and so were costs.

The executive team recognized that in order to rise above average and share spirit and learning across their dispersed workplace community, they needed to find a better way to communicate and coordinate their activities.

Communication was at the top of the list of priorities as their lack of infrastructure needed to be addressed. The search began for a new intranet. Their needs included search, people data, social features, events, news and information sharing, and image and video capabilities. Jostle’s People Engagement® platform met their needs and more, and soon Houlihan’s embarked on a complete and sustainable operational turnaround. Now that’s worth a Shout-Out.

Jostle can transform your organization too.

Let us show you how!

Bev Attfield

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