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Alden School District communicates with clarity and efficiency across schools

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Alden School District communicates with clarity and efficiency across schools

Find out how Alden School District is connecting with their schools efficiently and enriching their culture.

Alden School District (Alden) needed a better way to communicate with their 260 faculty staff. Company-wide emails and a Microsoft SharePoint intranet were proving inefficient. They overcame this practical challenge with the Jostle® intranet and, since implementing it in 2012, have also created a stronger sense of community between their four schools.

Frank Rizzo, Director of Instructional & Information Technology at Alden, had a few clear goals when he was searching for an intranet. He wanted a tool that would:

  1. Improve information and news sharing
  2. Put faces to names to increase familiarity
  3. Provide an easy way to share and find important documents
  4. Create a space where people could connect with the organization
  5. Provide an enjoyable user experience so people would want to return

The Jostle intranet met all of these goals, and has continued to do so over the past four years. If you want to find out more about how Alden is finding success with the platform, you can check out the full case study here

“We’ve created a data drinking fountain with the Jostle platform. If you want information—if you’re thirsty—you can go get it yourself. You don’t have to come to my office, I don’t have to pour you a glass of water and hand it to you.”

Frank Rizzo
Founder and CEO

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Hannah Price

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