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A Pure approach to workplace culture

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A Pure approach to workplace culture

A case study on UK recruiting firm, Pure, focusing on how an internal communications strategy can build a people-centric culture via an employee intranet.

Our customer and two-time Jostle Awards winner, Pure, constantly impresses us with their unwavering commitment to building their culture and transforming their organization, one person at a time. We recently had an opportunity to take a closer look at their journey to become one of the UK’s most innovative and people-centric recruiting firms.

Pure has a team of 80 people in four offices located around Eastern England. Founded in 2002, Pure set out to build a people-focused and supportive culture, a very different approach in their industry. As the company grew, aligning values and communication, scaling a consistent culture, and maintaining a unified approach to achieving the vision of the company became more challenging. With these core needs in mind, Pure deployed a Jostle® intranet in 2013.

Over the past three years, Pure’s leadership and a team of brand ambassadors have maintained a diligent, aligned approach. They’ve kept their people-focused culture strong, while encouraging consistent and engaging internal communications across the organization’s multiple sites using their intranet. These communications are closely aligned with the corporate values that have been core since the start. Their efforts have paid off, as Pure’s culture is stronger than ever with engagement rates of over 90%, year after year.

The proof of their formula is also seen in their incredibly low employee turnover rate of less than 5%, in an industry that typically sees rates of more than 50%. Founding Director, Gill Buchanan, believes this is largely due to the sense of belonging and pride that Pure employees feel. There’s also emphasis on highlighting success and recognizing individual contributions that encourages a feeling of belonging and loyalty, and in turn, generates a highly engaged workforce. Read on to find out how Pure’s steadfast commitment to their workplace culture has helped keep people at the center of everything they do.

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