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Top 5 reasons why your intranet isn’t being used

It was supposed to be the answer to everything. Unfortunately the result was much different.

It was supposed to be the answer to everything.

File sharing, employee contact information, and company news all in one location. It seemed like the perfect solution for businesses looking to keep employees in the knowledge loop. Unfortunately the result was much different.

Files aren’t being shared, no one can find what they need, and the entire company is even less engaged. Sound familiar?

Analyst research has revealed that an estimated 35% of employees don't even use their intranet on a monthly basis. So what went wrong? And why do many intranets fail?

  1. Employees don't know it's there. On-boarding of new employees seldom involves a tour of the intranet. They usually stumble upon the site after emailing their colleagues and asking where they can find health benefit forms or company phone-lists.
  2. Outdated information. Even if people get in the habit of adding content, very few get around to removing stale content. Documents like phone-lists are often repeatedly added while the originals stay in the folder. The result is numerous iterations of the same file with varying dates.

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  1. Poor search functionality. Usually when you want to find something, you want to find it NOW. Most intranets have limited search functionality making it difficult and frustrating to locate what you need when you need it. If something that should take five minutes takes 30 minutes, don’t expect your employees to use it.
  2. Lack of ownership. It may have been your IT guru who set up the intranet, but their role often has no further involvement or ownership over content. Ownership often defaults to HR or Communication roles, but they don’t always have the usability expertise to maintain the platform.
  3. It’s one of a few. Chances are your organization has multiple areas where shared information is kept. From company network drives, to CRM systems, to content sharing platforms and wikis, if your employees have to guess where information is located, they won’t be motivated to find anything.

Has your Intranet been a failure? If so, what are you doing to ensure your company information is accessible by everyone?

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Kelly Batke

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