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4 storytelling tips for better internal communications

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4 storytelling tips for better internal communications

Here are four simple storytelling tips to improve the internal communications at your company.

If you want better internal communication at your place of work, it's time to start telling stories. Move beyond bland announcements and start publishing content with life, impact, variety, and colour. Here are four ways to help you do just that.

1. Make publishing content easy

You need to make publishing content simple and straightforward for everyone at your company. Teams should be able to share their stories quickly, without the help of the IT department. If it’s not dead easy to post content, nobody will.

If you’re using an old-school intranet, it’s hard to do this (and, consequently, probably full of stale content). If you’re still sending out email newsletters, the readership is most-likely low. Solve your problems with an easy-to-use and engaging intranet instead.

2. Form a diverse editorial team

Your editorial team is key. Recruit people in different locations and functions. Enroll people of different ages, experience levels, and backgrounds. Find energetic employees with a passion for your company and an understanding of your culture. Choose people with a fresh point of view and a good grasp of your company’s voice.

3. Share your stories as they happen

Employees want to see real stories, from real people, as they happen in real time. They want to see stories that reflect your values. Give them the ability to share and learn about the latest happenings, and celebrate successes both big and small.

4. Publish different kinds of content

Try including small, local stories (like how a particular customer at a remote location is using a new product you just launched), in addition to the standard “internal press release” type of posts about new initiatives and goals. Post external articles, leading research, and thought pieces that are relevant to your company’s industry.


These are just a few starting points. There’s definitely much more to internal communications than just sharing news. Here, we outline the six essential tools for effective internal communications. And to see some real-life success stories, check out this article on how 3 organizations achieve effective workplace communication.

This article is based on a piece originally written by Andrea Nazarian at Jostle.

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