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10 simple ideas to improve employee morale
Illustration by Justin Alm

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10 simple ideas to improve employee morale

Here are 10 simple ways to increase staff morale in your workplace.

Sometimes the plain and simple things in life are the most important ones. It’s the same situation for the workplace. Simple and well thought-out plans make all the difference to building staff morale.

10 ways to improve staff morale in the workplace

  1. Allow employees to work flexible hours. Today, best practice workplaces offer flex-time, part-time, and work from home options.

  2. Listen to the ideas and advice of your employees. Encourage them to speak up on different issues that relate to the organization or themselves. Implement their ideas if practical and let people know of their contribution.

  3. Use mornings to share ideas. Bring in baked goods or provide simple breakfast supplies to kick start the day and bring the team together. 

  4. A management expert believes that short messages should be delivered in person. Today, we live in an era where 40 percent of emails don't have value. Rather than emailing the person who sits two floors down, just go and talk to him/her directly; it strengthens the relationship.

  5. Encourage employees to sit in different parts of your office from time to time. This will offer fresh perspectives and provide insights on other parts of the organization and the roles people perform.

  6. Offer employees advice on how they can strive to make the best of their careers. Reimburse them for continuing education courses, professional seminars, and lectures.

  7. Run contests and awards programs. You can set a prize for something as simple as the best customer feedback received during the month.

  8. Maintain a specific budget for entertainment. Arrange a team to decide the fair allocation of the budget for each quarter.

  9. Celebrate the birthdays of your employees. It won't cost anything to share these special days on your intranet or other internal comms tool. And if you've got the budget, decide on a monthly way to celebrate birthdays with treats or other gestures. 

  10. Keep your workplace working well and reduce unnecessary stress. Make sure office supplies are always available and the kitchen is stocked with provisions.

This post is based on original content by Vlasta Eriksson.

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